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Nothing like chewing the fat with your best friend right? This is a podcast that covers everything that is deemed unnecessary, vile,and stupid (with a plethora of nonsense). As the title states, it's the big open conversation. We talk about anything and everything. With anyone who shows up.

Nov 19, 2018

We are finally back after another dreadful hiatus and in person! Today we have a very special show for you. We talk about gaming again and somehow manage to move into manscaping and hygiene. Let alone poop breaks where we had our own ridiculous rants.


Thank You All for the Support!


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Sep 20, 2018

Today we dove into furry talk with esteemed guests and maybe fans of the show, Wuffles and Stazz Sparks! The first furries to ever grace us with their presence on the show! Listen at your own discretion. Or don't... I guess you want to be rude and douchie for the rest of your life then...


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Aug 14, 2018

     Sponge took a day off so I went dumpster diving, as usual, and found an old friend DAVID PEREZ! 

     David Perez (know as DxPx) is a legendary guitar player, YouTube'r, Gear Reviewer, and a cat lover.

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Jul 30, 2018

Today we have a special guest! Rob Williams from the Generation X-Wing Podcast! Today we talked about how actors and actress' act differently behind the scenes, Rooster sizes, playing in the hen house, showing and/or growing, some personal stories, and a huge surprise that ruins/changes Riley's life forever.


Jul 3, 2018

CRAP! Another episode where we had the ability to record in person yet again. We recorded outside in the yard of my humble abode filled with coffee shits and dirt. today we talked about strangers engaging in convos, making new friends when you're older, traveling, different attitudes from people in different...