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Nothing like chewing the fat with your best friend right? This is a podcast that covers everything that is deemed unnecessary, vile,and stupid (with a plethora of nonsense). As the title states, it's the big open conversation. We talk about anything and everything. With anyone who shows up.

Aug 17, 2017

Sooooo through these conflicting schedules Sponge and I have, we have decided to try and record when we can. Even if that means recording with a baby on your chest, or having a few drinks and just wanting to chew the fat. On short notice, we have decided to call these shorter more personal episodes "Little Opens"....

Aug 4, 2017

Today we got a little dirty and talked about some gross stuff. I don't even think we talked about a single video game. this one gets a capital "E" for explicit for sure lol please enjoy this episode. We sure as hell did.

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